Alumni 50th: rediscover your campus with visits and activities


On the afternoon, you will get an opportunity to join three kind of activities: exhibitions and animations, “villages” gathering startups, associations and innovation projects, and food corners.

Information desk at Rolex Learning Centre

Visits and animations

Infinity Room 2 – ArtLab building
Elements of the rich history of the School manifest in the school’s various archives, records and assemblages, through eight installations and interactive visualisations. The exhibition will also be an opportunity to dive into the past of the school and to look for achives from your time at EPFL. The exhibition offers an experience of augmented reality, screenings under a dome and a discovery of the many EPFL drones.
Free entrance from 14h to 17h.

Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab
Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab is an impressive place to listen, visualize and look up the acrhives of the festival. It offers an immersive experience of Montreux’s famous concerts.
Visits are organized at 14h, 15h and 16h. You can register on site from 9h30 at the Rolex Learning Center information point.

50 years of EPFL thesis
On the occasion of EPFL’s 50 year anniversary, the EPFL Library opens the doors to an amazing collection: that of EPFL thesis. Put together, these thesis would rise up to 140 meters – same as the Jet d’Eau in Geneva.
The exhibition is open all day long at the Rolex Learning Center.

Treasure hunt
Discover a campus you’ve never seen before through a treasure hunt organized by AGEPoly. With this true intellectual challenge, you will get an opportunity to solve scientific riddles or questions about the history of the School.
Registration on site from 9h30 at the Rolex Learning Center information point. You can join with a team from 2 to 6.


Startups, associations and MAKE projects villages

Come and discover your School’s innovation projetcs, entrepreneurs and student associations. All three villages will be based at the Rolex Learning Center.

Associations village
Come chat with student associations among the most active on campus:
Agepoly / Forum EPFL / EPFelles / Innovation Forum

Startups village
Discover the latest innovations by alumni entrepreneurs:
CompPair / Caulys / SensSwiss / Pneumoscope / Visium / Potland / Pindex / Medusoil / Droople / Enoki / CodexD

You will get an opportunity to visit startup booths and to see them pitch from 14h30 to 15h30

MAKE projects village
MAKE offers students a platform for interdisciplinarity, to learn through projects and prototyping. They can do so in the Discovery Learning Labs (DLL), labs with cutting edge equipments to work on research projects.

The following projects will attend our event : EPFL Rocket Team / SP80 / Lausanne Racing Team / EPFLoop / Swiss Solar Boat / SensUs

Each MAKE project will have its own booth. They will also pitch from 15h30 to 16h30.


Café and food corners

If you want to have a good time with your friends or just need to eat a bit, 4 food corners will be open in the afternoon:

  • Satellite (CM building)
  • Montreux Jazz Café (ArtLab)
  • Takinoa (Rolex Learning Center)

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