Alumni 50th: programme of the Architecture section


Dear Architecture alumni,

Not so long ago, a significant part of your life was spent on the EPFL campus. The 50th anniversary of EPFL is an opportunity to welcome you once again to meet your classmates, discover what is happening today in your section and share a lunch.



09h30-10h30: Registration and welcome coffee in Foyer SG

10h30-10h45: Welcome by Nicola Braghieri, Director of the Architecture Section

10:45-11:00: The PHD in Architecture
PhDs in Urban Sciences; History, Theory, Heritage; ComplexDesign; Integrated Design, Architecture and Sustainability

11:00-11:20: Campus 1969-2050
History: Joëlle Neuenschwander Feihl
Recent projects : Teachers Paola Viganò and Dieter Dietz

11:20-11:35: Ambassadors of Swiss architecture abroad
Doris Wälchli and Ueli Brauen (B&W): Swiss embassies in Prague, La Paz, Moscow and Beijing

11:35-11:55: Timeless materials and new challenges
Marlène Leroux and Francis Jacquier (Archiplein): massive stone building in Geneva.
Rodrigo Fernandez and Laurent de Wurstemberger (Terrabloc): mud brick

11h55-12h10: Enoki, from the interdisciplinary project to the start up
Axelle Marchon (Enoki) : Neighborhub

12h10-12h25: Professional associations as relays
Jeanne della Casa and Sarah Nedir (FAS romande): collaboration of the FAS with the Alice and Tsam laboratories around the Evian refreshment bar
Germain Brisson (SIA Architects Group): coaching of young architects

12:25-12:30: Clémence Dubuis (Archizoom) presents the exhibition Faraway so close

12h30-14h00: Lunch in your section with professors, students and doctoral students

We hope to see you all on November 9th!
The Direction of the Architecture Section