Alumni 50th: programme of the Mathematics section


Dear Mathematics alumni,

Not so long ago, a significant part of your life was spent on the EPFL campus. The 50th anniversary of EPFL is an opportunity to welcome you once again to meet your classmates, discover what is happening today in your section and share a lunch.


From 09:30: Welcome at the Rolex Learning Centre
10:30-12:00: Welcome, Joachim Krieger Director of the Mathematics Section followed by 6 talks:

  • 2 presentations of Mathematics professors
    Jérôme Scherer, Senior Scientist, Laboratory for topology and neuroscience
    “Le cours Euler: un programme pour jeunes à haut potentiel en mathématiques” (in French)
    Clément Hongler MSc MA 2008, Associate Professor, Chair of Statistical Field Theory
    “La pointe de l’Iceberg” (in French)
  • 2 presentations of Mathematics alumni
    Simone Urfer-Appert MSc MA 1998, Demand & Test Manager, Zurich Life
    Igor Perisic MSc MA 1991, Chief Data Officer, LinkedIn
  • 2 presentations of Mathematics student and PhD student
    David Cleres MSc MA 2019, Data Engineer, Eyeware
    Vasco Schiavo MSc MA 2017, PhD student, EPFL

12:00-14:00: Lunch in your section with the professors, students and PhD students

We hope to see you all on November 9th!

The Direction of the Mathematics Section