Blockchain In The Real World conference


On October 30, 2018, EPFL Alumni organized an evening conference and panel discussion on the potential of Blockchain beyond Cryptocurrencies. The event took place at Campus Biotech in Geneva.

Blockchain is expected to transform businesses across sectors. From cutting transaction costs and time, to bringing transparency and enabling secure identification, it creates myriads of potential applications, with some key challenges yet to be solved. Professor Bryan Ford gave a landscape of the technology and forthcoming developments. Real-life applications of early blockchain adopters in various sectors followed:

– How will Blockchain transform the State Administration? by Gianfranco Moi, Deputy Director General of the Directorate of Economic Development, Research and Innovation, State of Geneva (EPFL alumnus EL’82)
– Technology for Humanitarian Sector: An ICRC Perspective by Charlotte Lindsey-Curtet, Director Digital Transformation and Data, International Committee of the Red Cross
– Smart Contracts without Cryptocurrency: Supply Chains, Provenance and Identity Management by Marko Vukolić, Research Staff Member, IBM Research (EPFL alumnus PhD SC’08)
– Enabling Safe Storage of Cryptoassets by Adrien Treccani, CEO & Founder, Metaco (EPFL alumnus BSc IN’08 & MSc IF’10)

A cocktail dinner and networking closed the evening.