Israel Chapter


CommitteeRoland Mattis (EL’84, President), Naomi Karoubi (SV’08), Nicolas Marcille (PH’06 & PhD SV’11)


The EPFL Alumni Israeli Chapter was created in 2015 to keep the EPFL Alumni community close to its school, including PDH students, research assistants, or professors. It can help us link Israel to EPFL. Our other aim is to promote EPFL in Israel, where it is not very well known at the moment, and to encourage exchanges of students and scientists between Israeli top research institutions and universities and EPFL, including but not limited to the area of life sciences (a strong area both at EPFL and in Israel), medical devices, solar technology, food technology, digital trust and cyber , AI drones and robotics and many other exciting themes of interest.

Roland Mattis