U.S. East Coast Chapter


Committee of EPFL Alumni U.S. East Coast: Seymour de Picciotto (SV’09) – President ; Sébastien Huberti (MT’07) – Media & Communication Outreach ; Riccardo Accolla (SV’07) – Sponsorship Outreach ; Allan Estivalet (GC’08) ; Romain Fardel (CH’05) – Vice President and Treasurer


Major goals and objectives:
-Foster networking, social gathering, and friendly relationships among the alumni of EPFL  in our geographic region.
-Raise the profile of EPFL in the U.S.
-Maintain & strengthen bonds between our alumni community and EPFL.
-Provide support & guidance to alumni & students interested in coming to the U.S. or going to Switzerland.

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