Shanghai Chapter


Committee: Zhanbing Ren (EL’90, President), Chuyao Peng (MX’13, Vice-President),  He Xiang (EL’08, Communication & Events),  Zhou Bo (Communication & Events), Bao Jiadong (PH’16, Events), Lan Yu (IML’08, Events)


Dear EPFL Alumni in Shanghai and surroundings,

EPFL Alumni Shanghai is a formal chapter of EPFL Alumni covering territory of Shanghai and surroundings.  We have organized different social and business events since 2013 attracting each time major EPFL Alumni in Shanghai. Meanwhile we are also a major player of different events organized by Swissnex and other Alumni of Swiss universities. We therefore welcome all of you being an ambassador of EPFL to continuously support and attend the events that we’ll organize in the future. Meanwhile we would appreciate that you can invite all EPFL Alumni around you to be in contact with us and to exchange your opinion for the best organization and operation of our events.

Thank you for your constant support and best regards.

Zhanbing Ren
President of EPFL Alumni Shanghai