Tunisia Chapter


CommitteeMehdi Touati (SC’03, President), Khélil Chaibi (GM’88), Amine Ben Chikh El Fegoun (MT’12), Kheizurane El Mekki (MA’16), Wassim Maaouia (EL’17)


Dear alumni from Tunisia,

After the Jasmine Revolution in 2011, Tunisia has now to assume its status as the youngest democracy in the world and the new challenges are enormous!

To overcome the challenges of tomorrow, raising the skills of young Tunisians is essential. And it is in this context that our reflection was conducted and resulted in the creation and development of the EPFL Alumni Tunisia chapter.

The goal is first of all to strengthen links between former graduates. You are the “ambassadors” of our School and you can testify to the excellence of its curriculum and the dynamism of its research.

Such a network will then be very important to promote EPFL to our young people in order to guarantee them a point of contact, guide them and facilitate their integration. Of course our ultimate wish is to see them return to Tunisia and participate in the changes, we will be there to welcome and guide them.

You will discover thanks to this chapter all the useful information on the events carried out in Tunisia, in connection with the Association of Swiss University Students in Switzerland based at EPFL (TUNES) and the Tunisian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Switzerland (CCITNCH).

Mehdi Touati