Conference with Alexandre Gonthier (SC’94), founder of Trustly


On June 14, 2022, Alexandre Gonthier (SC’94) gave a lecture at IMD on the theme “From Lausanne to Silicon Valley: start-ups, scale-ups, IPOs and disruption”.

Alexandre Gonthier took part in a Q&A session in front of an audience of about 100 people. He recounted his exceptional career, which has mainly taken place in the United States in Silicon Valley – and for a few years in London. Based on his experience as an entrepreneur, Alexandre shared his ideas on creating, developing and running a company – in his case in the field of electronic payments, with the creation of Trustly among others. He insisted on the importance of surrounding oneself with a powerful network of professionals, notably recalling his meeting and exchanges with Steve Jobs some thirty years ago.

The evening ended with an aperitif and dinner on the IMD terrace.