Continuing Education


Throughout their career, EPFL alumni often need to value their profile and to develop their skills within continuing education, professionnal training or certification advice on continuing education. To help you, the EPFL Alumni department offers:

Here is a non-exhaustive list of educational programs that our alumni have completed or which we deem of interest in your career, based on our experience.

If you are contemplating any of the programs/fields below, we can provide you with additional information. We will not however recommend any particular school or institution (other than EPFL that is) since we haven’t benchmarked them.

Big Data & Data Analysis (EPFL)
Capability Maturity Model Integration
Chartered Financial Analyst
CRM excellence
Customer experience management
Data Science (EPFL)
Executive leadership programs
Executive MBA (EPFL)
Financial Risk Manager
Good Manufacturing Practices
Internet of Things (EPFL)
ISO – International Organization for Standardization
Lean management
Lean Six Sigma
Management of Risk
Operational excellence
Project Management Professional (PMI)
Public speaking
Quality excellence
Service excellence
Supply Chain Management (EPFL)
User experience UX-PM