Fusebox: A New Challenge to the Food Industry


Dear All,

Fusebox, EPFL’s online creative community platform, is back with a new challenge.
After (re)inventing the interior of the car of the future, we invite you to contribute to solving a global issue facing us all.
While current resources will not be sufficient to feed 8 Billion people by 2025, today more than 30% of the food produced is lost. “From Farm to Fork” asks how can we stop these losses? How can we make better use of waste? What new ideas, models and technologies can be applied to this issue?
Bühler, a leading supplier in food processing solutions, invites you to share your ideas – offering a total prize of 10,000 CHF!
From March 4th until March 21st, let your ideas fuse on: fusebox@epfl.ch
This is a joint EPFL-ETHZ event organized with the support of Junior Entreprise EPFL and ETHZ.

We are looking forward to your ideas starting March 4th!
Kind regards,

Your Fusebox Team