Alumni Members Have Voted: A3 Becomes a Service of EPFL


 After spending many hours counting the 2,810 ballots received by mail, in addition to accounting for the 50 votes that were cast at the Extraordinary General Meeting of January 28, the results are in. An overwhelming 95% of members supported the proposed dissolution of the A3 and its transformation into an Alumni Service of EPFL.

The A3 umbrella is officially dissolved as of today. It is being replaced by a service attached to the General Secretariat of EPFL. The message is clear: EPFL considers the management of its alumni network to be a strategic priority, a responsibility of the school in its own right alongside its missions of education, research and technology transfer.

What will happen in the immediate future?
First, the Association will be closed on the administrative and accounting levels during the month of February. Employees will remain on their premises, and will be officially hired by EPFL March 1. However, activity will not stop for that: magazine, news briefings and meetings will continue during this time. The website will remain the same, but access to the directory will be open to all graduates starting in February. This new service is largely self-funded, so we encourage alumni to continue to contribute financially as before. Starting with the second quarter of 2014, EPFL will develop further services in collaboration with the existing team and the future Alumni Council. This extended offer will be presented to the Alumni community next fall.

We thank you, our members, for your loyalty throughout the years and look forward to strengthening our interactions with you and developing a range of new benefits. If you have specific ideas or desires, do not hesitate to contact us. In fact, the time is ideal: the school is at your service!