New Email Address Is Available


A new lifetime email address was created for graduates of EPFL. This is the address to replace the address that is currently in use. The new address was created in the wake of the dissolution of A3 and the assumption of alumni activities and services by EPFL.

As is currently the case for the address, messages sent to forward to you via the address currently configured in your profile. In fact, the address is already valid. Thus, for a while, you can use both addresses, and, both of which forward to your address.

However, in several months, the address will disappear, except for those who request to keep it. So if you want to keep the address, please complete this form.

Several messages about this will be sent in the coming days to keep you aware of the very gradual replacement of the address with

Update your profile! To log in to the alumni directory, you must now enter your username (firstname.lastname) or the address:

Of course, you are welcome to email us with any questions.