As a Contributor you have access to further information to help you keep up to date on progress from the School and the state of research. You will receive five additional publications per year, on top of the annual magazine send to all Alumni.


ALUMNIST, the magazine for EPFL graduates


Each year Alumni Contributors receive two issues (june and december) of Alumnist magazine. It offers – in French and English – insight into EPFL news, graduates portraits and sections devoted to careers.

You are an alumnus? Get Alumnist twice a year by becoming a contributor to EPFL Alumni.

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Download #1 (December 2014)
Download #2 (June 2015)
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TECHNOLOGIST, an eye on science in Europe


Alumni Contributors also receive four issues per year of EPFL’s scientific magazine, Technologist. This multidisciplinary publication, packed with images and graphics, explores the latest advances germinating in labs from EPFL, Europe and across the globe. You can request your copies in either English, French or German.
Normally sold in newsagents or by subscription for an annual cost of up to 42 Euros for Europe and 52 for elsewhere, the award-winning magazine comes free with your annual contribution.

Get Technologist four times a year by becoming a contributor to EPFL Alumni.