EPF Profiles & Diplomas


Who are the suitable profiles for job openings in your company?

EPFL Alumni offers you an in-depth knowledge of EPFL ecosystem and alumni profiles through two services:

  • Scouting for highly qualified profiles educated at EPFL, among 23 education programs which deliver Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Postgraduate/Executive Masters’degrees (IML, EPFL EMBA…);
  • Identification of targeted young or experienced profiles (EPFL or/and ETHZ graduates) according to your requirements.

EPFL Alumni has a wealth of +30’000 talents that includes:

  • +24’000 reachable alumni holding an EPFL’s degree: BSc, MSc, PhD, IML & EPFL EMBA postgraduate’degrees;
  • Architects, Engineers, Scientists, Managers & Entrepreneurs;
  • Broad coverage of industries, business, functions;
  • Young professionals to Executives & C-level profiles (49% alumni with 1-10 years experience);
  • 72% of alumni in Switzerland and 28% abroad;
  • +1’400 new alumni every year (MSc & PhD graduates).

Please contact us for any EPF profile screening here.

For more insight about education programs, please find out the EPFL website here (by using the menu BY SCHOOL on top of the homepage).


How can you verify that a person has graduated at EPFL?

To verify the authenticity of Master diploma (from 2008 to now) and PhD diploma (from 2010 to now), please complete the online form here.

For any other request, please find all information about official documents and contact the EPFL Registrar’s Office here.


François de Leymarie
Career & Enterprise Service Manager
Email: francois.deleymarie@epfl.ch
Phone: +41 (0)21 693 30 02