Mentoring program for EPFL young talents


This page is dedicated to the mentoring program for EPFL students or young graduates and for their potential mentors.
Another pages is dedicated to Forum EPFL Alumni mentoring program master.



EPFL Alumni offers a mentoring program to help EPFL students and young graduates with their educational and career choices while they are starting their career.
This mentoring program attracts a lot students and young graduates coming from all education background, and needs many mentors to keep running.
The Charter of the mentoring program for EPFL young talents defines the principles of the free mentoring relationship between mentor and mentee and their related commitments.



You are an EPFL student or recent graduate interested in benefiting from the mentoring program.
This mentoring program is open to:
– all EPFL Master students, EPFL Bachelor students, from the 4th semester (students matriculated at EPFL);
– EPFL young alumni who are graduated from EPFL for less than 3 years and Contributing members of EPFL Alumni.

Just like you, many EPFL students and young graduates have questions about their career path (industry and job), their education (PhD, MBA …), their internship or a potential experience abroad. Your mentor will be selected by the Career services EPFL Alumni according to your expectations. The unique relationship with your mentor will help you get answers and perspectives to make informed choices, in order to start your career confidently.

Register to become a mentee here.

Thank you in advance for registering online by filling in every field to facilitate your mentor selection. The more information you give us, the better and faster we will be able to process your demand. We will contact you to ask you to sign the Charter and give you the contact details of the mentor we have found for you.
Given the number of applications, we can only respond to people who are eligible for the program (see criteria above) providing needed information.



You are an EPFL alumnus.a interested in mentoring EPFL young talents.
With this program, you have the opportunity to pass on your professional, educational, and personal experience by giving your mentee valued advice on how to start his career.

We are looking for mentors coming from all education backgroung and working in all industries. If you changed job and industry or if you made a career shift, you are most welcome to this program.

Register to become a mentor here.
Thank you in advance for registering online by filling in every field. The more information you provide us, the better and faster we will be able to process your offer, and match you with the right mentee. Your mentee will contact you directly, so there is nothing more you need to do once you have registered. At the beginning of the mentoring relationship, you will define together the goals, duration and frequency of the meetings.


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