La Seed Night de l’EPFL Alumni


La Seed Night de l’EPFL Alumni est un événement annuel de présentation de start-ups issues de l’EPFL et du Canton de Vaud. Son objectif est de mettre en valeur des projets entrepreneuriaux prometteurs, de connecter les entrepreneurs avec des cadres de l’industrie, des investisseurs, des alumni et des mentors. L’événement a aussi pour but de familiariser l’audience à la problématique de l’investissement start-ups

La Seed Night 2017 a eu lieu le mercredi 26 avril 2017 (dès 17h30), au Rolex Learning Center de l’EPFL. Nous vous invitons à réserver la date. Une invitation sera envoyée très bientôt.

Vous trouverez toutes les photos de l’édition 2016 sur ce lien et un récapitulatif de la soirée en vidéo ci-dessous (pour les vidéos de chacun des « pitch », cliquez ici)



2016 program:

  • A 2-round Start-up pitch contest with 10 selected entrepreneurs from various industry and the audience selecting the winners (see list of participant below)
  • The Isabelle Musy Prize that will award a woman with an innovative entrepreneurial project
  • A start-up exhibit with over 20 start-ups companies and local corporate representative interested in open innovation.
  • A panel discussion about risks and opportunities of venture investment with industry speakers, including:
      • Dominique Mégret, head of Swisscom Ventures,
      • Steffen Wagner, CEO, Investiere
      • Trudi Haemmerli, Business Angel/Healthcare Group Coach, Go Beyond Investing / CEO, PerioC Ltd
      • Jean-Marc Wismer, CEO, KB Medical SA
      • Moderation:  Hervé Lebret, head of EPFL Innogrants program


The start-ups that presented at the Seed Night 2016:

Tastehit logo
Represented by Alexei Kounine.
TasteHit helps online shops increase conversion and loyalty using data science. TasteHit personalizes the experience of each individual visitor, helping him discover and remember products he likes on-site, as well as across his favorite shops.

Logo Insolight
Represented by Laurent Coulot.
Insolight is building solar panels with double efficiency compared to conventionnal silicon panels. Its innovative technology, called optical micro-tracking, allows concentrating the sunlight throughout the year in a flat panel assembly. Ease of mounting and high efficiency are combined, which gives perspectives for solar electricity costs reduction.

Represented by Simon Kuenzi.
bNovate is the first company to create an instrument for fast, automated, and continuous monitoring of bacteria in drinking water. The company was founded in early 2011 and now possesses a fully validated technology that answers the needs of waterworks and the bottled water industry. Commercialization of the BACTOSENSE will start in Nov. 2016.

Represented by Wiktor Bourée.
Technis provides entertaining, immediate and precise data generation in sports by making the floor tactile and smart. As you play, MyTechnis Pad feeds information to your profile and allows you to keep track of your evolution whilst growing a sport-oriented community around your preferred hobby.

BioMe logo horizontal on white bg

Represented by Sandra Sulser

Biome aims at establishing microbiome therapy as the new standard treatment for patients with intestinal disorders, such as Clostridium difficile infections andra ulcerative colitis. We are developing a novel platform to create health-promoting microbiome communities to replace the patients’ misbalanced intestinal flora.

Represented by Arthur Queval.
Qloudlab believes the future of Healthcare is not at the hospital, but at HOME. Its remote monitoring platform helps millions of people to prevent heart attacks and stay healthy. To support this vision, QloudLab has developed a remote blood monitoring platform for the the prevention of heart diseases, a leading cause of death in developed countries. Its intelligent solution allows high-risk patients to perform blood tests at home and instantly communicate their results to their doctor therefore preventing any adverse events and reducing the huge cost of readmissions (estimated at $28’000/patients).

Represented by Andrea Negro.
Morphodyne produces made-to-measure 3D-printed tissue models for pharmaceutical development. Adopting our tailorable models, major and small firms will record remarkable R&D cost savings and reduced time-to-market.

Represented by Julien Moix.
Product of the company Advanced Sport Instrument, FieldWiz is the first standalone affordable GPS performance tracking systems for outdoor field sports. It is a standalone device worn on a player’s back to collect physical and strategic statistics synchronized after a game or practice.

Represented by Francesco Petrini.
SensArs Neuroprosthetics has developped SENSY: a unique device, which allows amputees, unlike current available prostheses, to feel again from missing limbs. It is a neuroprosthetic device to be implanted within the residual nerves, or healthy part of the nerves, aimed at restoring the natural-like flow of the neural sensory information.

Represented by Evelina Georgieva.
Pryv SA is specialised in sensitive and health data management. The company developed and sell licenses of a trusted eHealth Data Middleware to empower our customers to deploy their innovative eHealth solutions with confidence, reduced time and IT expenses. Its customizable OEM eHealth Middleware,, enables effortless collection, storage and segregation of patients’ heterogeneous data while ensuring medical-grade security, data interoperability, legal and compliance adaptability.

Represented by Andrea Maesani.
Intento develops wearable neuroprostheses that promote brain reorganization and functional recovery in paralyzed stroke patients. Based on patent-pending innovations in neuromuscular electrical stimulation, our solution extends the applicability and benefits of the “Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy” – the most effective upper-limb rehabilitation approach for mildly impaired patients – to severely and completely paralyzed patients.

Represented by Philip Schweizer.
SalesWings helps small sales and marketing teams sell better, by showing them which leads are the most sales-ready based on a simple, yet powerful email add-on for website-visit tracking and predictive analytics.

Represented by Alex Russel.
Gait Up is a technology company that makes wearable devices for professional grade motion analysis in the healthcare and sports industries. Our products include gait and running analysis, physical activity monitoring, and OEM solutions with partners.

Represented by Matt Harris.
Konduko focusing on proximity technologies in order to deliver great consumer experiences and analytics on people’s preferences and behaviours in crowded environments. Konduko has delivered projects in Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Italy, Australia and the UAE. Konduko is currently undertaking a CHF1.3 million raise to accelerate international expansion.

Represented by Alberto Hernando de Castro.
SThAR develops the platform that will make out-of-home marketing campaigns as scalable as online marketing: DEMOGRAPHICA. We use state-of-the-art Big Data algorithms and sociothermodynamic models on virality and collective human behavior for designing the best roadmap for a marketing campaign according to the desired target. In one click and in the cloud. Our algorithms are trained with mobility and connectivity metadata provided by international mobile operators, what makes DEMOGRAPHICA a global solution for your business. »

The Seed Night 2016 was made possible by to the support of our kind sponsors: