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Mathilde Durvy obtained her Master’s (2002) and a PhD (2007) from EPFL in Communication Systems. She is currently a project leader at Cisco, a multi-national company present in Switzerland.

At Cisco, she was initially involved in applied research on the « Internet of Things. » This makes it possible for smart-objects to sense the physical world and communicate their data to diverse applications. Mathilde is the co-author of micro-IPv6, an open-source project enabling potentially billions of sensors to communicate their collected information using the IPv6 protocol and hence to connect to existing networks.

Currently, she is working on the « Cisco Technology Radar », a project which allows Cisco to identify key technology trends that may impact its business early on. She is also leading a new activity on patent intelligence, extracting insight from the large body of patent literature to help Cisco better understand how technologies and the industry evolve.