Daniel Porot’s Job Finding Bootcamp

Daniel Porot’s Job Finding Bootcamp

Date & Time

Date 12 janvier
Time 13:00 - 14:30
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Learn the Porot Method for finding a fulfilling job via the hidden job market.


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  • 180€ for non-contributing EPFL Alumni members

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About this Event

In an economic crisis, every job advert attracts a deluge of applications. It is easy for job seekers to get discouraged. But the same crisis often generates huge opportunities in the hidden job market – for those who know how to access them. In this four-week bootcamp, Daniel Porot will explain the creative job search techniques he has used to train more than 40,000 job seekers to find fulfilling work.

The bootcamp covers:

  • Which job search methods work in a crisis (and which don’t)
  • How to access the hidden job market
  • How to validate job targets and discover critical insider information via networking
  • How to secure calls, meetings and interviews even in unfamiliar sectors
  • How to convince interviewers that you can solve their problems
  • How to negotiate salaries (or raises) for new or existing jobs

The programme is delivered in three phases. Each starts with homework assignments (delivered via videos, worksheets and exercises) and concludes with the following live webinars:

WEBINAR (12.01.2021) – WHAT makes me unique?

Tuesday 12 Jan, 13:00 – 14:30 (CET)

This webinar introduces the essential components of the creative job search / finding process and asks you to think about the particular talents, interests and preferences which define fulfilling work for you:

  • How to identify 3 to 7 ultimate skills / talents.
  • How to define 5 preferred fields of interest.
  • How to prioritise the characteristics of your ideal people environment.
  • How to diagnose the 8 ideal working conditions in which you can develop and blossom.

WEBINAR (26.01.2021)- WHERE is my ideal Job?

Tuesday 26 Jan, 13:00 – 14:30 (CET)

Based on the self-assessments from part one, this part of the course will guide you through the development of six potential job targets:

  • Plan B job
  • Copy Paste job
  • Independent job
  • Dream job # 1
  • Dream job # 2
  • Dream job # 3

It will also show how to validate these job targets in the real world via networking.

WEBINAR (09.02.2021) – HOW can I get an interview and an offer?

Tuesday 9 Feb, 13.00 – 14.30 (CET)

The final part of the bootcamp shows you how to translate learning into action and implement an effective, creative job search :

  • Valuing your past professional experiences.
  • Developing and editing the documents needed for your job search / finding process.
  • Clarifying the way the 3 job markets operate (open market, hidden market and opaque market)
  • Efficient interviewing techniques to get the job during the hiring interview.
  • Successful salary and raise negotiation strategies and tactics.

Included with the bootcamp

Everyone who registers for this series will receive:

  • Access to the porot.academy e-learning platform
  • Weekly e-learning modules with practical exercises, videos and reflection
  • Tickets for 3 live 90-minute webinar
  • Catch-up recording of each webinar
  • 12 months’ access to all resources (including recordings, workbooks, exercises and all materials from the bootcamp)


As well as the three live webinars detailed below participants will have a series of e-learning modules (on video) to watch and several exercises each week to complete. The goal of the bootcamp is not just to learn effective job searching techniques but to put them into action.

Participants should expect to spend 4-6 hours each week working on the bootcamp modules and exercise. If you cannot devote this time, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER.

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