Frequently Asked Questions




Am I part of the Alumni directory?
If you are an EPFL graduate (B.Sc, M.S., Ph.D, EMBA from MoT, AISTS or IML) you are automatically included in our online directory. However, only you can update your information. To do so, you can login and go the directory page. If you don’t remember your password, just fill in your user name ( to ask for a new password and an email will be sent to you to get a new one. If it does not work, it means that we do not have enough information about you. You can provide us with this information through this form.

Why should I update my information?
Your information will be used to keep in touch with you and to send you information about your school: newsletters, emailings, invitations to events close to where you live, etc. It will also be useful for other graduates to find you and to contact you. Finally, this information is valuable for EPFL statistics and for the Alumni community, to learn about the best EPFL employers for instance.

How will my information be used?
Your information is private and can only be seen by the community. It will remain in the EPFL Alumni circle and will not be used for commercial purposes of any kind. If you do not want to be contacted, you can notify us and we will tag your profile as “Do not disturb” in our database. Your information will then be used only for statistical purposes.

Is the use of the directory free?
Yes. When you login, you can access information and contacts from other Alumni for free, and you can identify the Alumni working in companies you are interested in.



How can I get my lifetime email address?
Every Alumni has a lifetime email address which is This only works if you have provided your personal information including a valid personal email address. If you are not sure, please contact us and indicate which email address you would like us to register. More information about how to use the lifelong email address.



Do I need to pay to be an Alumnus?
Some of your benefits are for free, others are charged. You can find the full list of benefits here and chose your contribution depending on your interest.

Why should I become a contributor?
Contributing to the EPFL Alumni is a way to show pride for your school, and to help us keep on building the Alumni network. The EPFL Alumni department is 70% self-financed  (the remaining 30% coming from the EPFL), this is why contributions are instrumental for our activity. Becoming a contributor also give you access to additional benefits: career services, prestigious events, exclusive discounts, access to offices and meeting rooms, etc.