EPFL alumni profiles


Who are the right EPFL profiles for job openings in your company?

You are seeking to identify the best EPFL profiles, whether young graduates or experienced professionals, for the positions you need to fill.

EPFL Alumni offers you its expertise about EPFL alumni and education background through different services:

  • advice on the 23 education programs at EPFL (Bachelors, Masters, PhD, IML, Executive Masters), the postgraduate education and digital courses (EPFL Extension School, MOOCs EPFL);
  • identification of targeted EPFL and ETH Zurich profiles according to your requirements;
  • candidates diploma verification.

Please contact our Career services manager here to submit your question.
For information about academic cursus, you can also check the schools on the EPFL website (see the menu “BY SCHOOL” on top of the homepage).

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