Lifetime email address


EPFL Alumni provides an email address that you can use for an unlimited time to send and receive messages.
This address is:

This address replaces the address that was previously in use. People who had notified us before April 2016 continue to benefit from their @a3 email address. The other a3 email addresses have been deleted.

This lifetime address has two advantages:
1) It allows you to keep an unchanged address for life, even if you change your email provider. For example, if you moved from Hotmail to Gmail, your address remains the same. You would simply need to update your profile on
2) It allows you to be clearly identifiable as a graduate of EPFL. Unlike a Yahoo address, for example, address is reserved for a well-defined community.


Two pieces of information to remember:
1. This address is a forwarding address, not a mailbox. It is used to redirect messages sent to the address to your personal or professional address. Therefore, it is important to keep your profile updated.
2. You can also use this address as the sender name:


Here’s how to use the address as the sender:
Your address,, is a forwarding address to the email inbox (gmail, Yahoo, etc.) that you set in your EPFL Alumni profile. We will call this mailbox your “personal address” in the following text.
So when someone writes an email to your email address, the EPFL mail server will automatically send the email to your personal address, and you will receive it and read it normally.
However, if you want to reply to this email, your email tool will provide your personal address as the sender’s name and not the address, To change this, you must enter it with the sender email address Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, since this change depends heavily on the email provider you use! Here is some information from commonly used email providers:

APPLE MAIL In your account preferences, add your address as a second address, after your personal address in the field “Email Address,” with a comma as the separator. Then you can select the address in the drop down menu “From” as the address of the sender.

OUTLOOK There is no way to configure an alternative address. However, in the advanced configuration options, it is possible to have Outlook display the sender’s “From” field, and it is possible to enter your address each time by hand. But beware: if Outlook is connected to an Exchange server (for example at EPFL), the server administrator may block this feature. In this case, you cannot send using your address.

THUNDERBIRD Go to“Tools, Account Settings.” Click theaccount that corresponds to your personal address.In the bottom right, click on “Manage Identities” and add a new identitythat matches your address: The address will then appear in the drop down“Sender”menu.

YAHOO In the email account settings, add a new account with the address At the time of the backup, you will be told that you will receive an email from the Yahoo team at your address. You will receive a confirmation email and you must click on the confirmation link to validate the change you just made. To turn off the function from this account, click on the link in this email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, complete the process again.

GMAIL Sending via gmail is no longer possible.