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Among the many services EPFL Alumni offers, the ACUBE Foundation grants each year a number of honor loans to EPFL graduates wishing to continue their education and broaden their professional expertise. These loans are for EPFL Alumni contributors only.

These loans are interest-free, repayable at the end of the course, training or project, within a period of three years for loans less than CHF 5 000.- and within five years for larger loans. They range from CHF 5 000.- to a maximum of CHF 20 000.-, and requires the signature of a guarantor living in Switzerland.

This financial aid is intended for EPFL graduates who wish to expand their technical knowledge and develop their management skills.

These loans enable young graduates to…

  • extend their diploma work into industrial development;
  • more extensively explore a specific scientific field;
  • enroll in management courses (technology, marketing, finance, IT …);

and they make it possible for graduates with a few years experience to:

  • pursue post-graduate studies in Switzerland or abroad;
  • enroll in general management courses.

Candidates for these loans will find any information in the application procedure for loan here (FR). They can apply by filling the form beloy and return it to our postal address. Please attach a resume and all required information. An electronic version shall be sent by email as well.

The committee responsible for the granting of loans is available to discuss various options with graduates. To set up a discussion, please contact EPFL Alumni or directly the current President of the Foundation, Jean-Jacques Jaquier.

If you are interested in benefiting from an interest-free loan, please fill in the application form here (FR) and then send it to EPFL Alumni.

Among other criteria for awarding loans are project merit, as well as applicant qualification and financial status.
Some applications are accepted throughout the year.

Jean-Jacques Jaquier (EL ’64)
President of ACUBE Foundation
Lausanne, June 26, 2015





Established on February 21, 1997, by the A3-EPFL, the ACUBE Foundation seeks to promote the professional development of EPFL alumni. As the Foundation is recognized for its public utility, donations from individuals or legal entities are deductible from the direct federal tax and cantonal tax, to the extent permitted by law. The Foundation Board is composed of five to seven members. One member is nominated by EPFL and the others are alumni of EPFL. The Board is currently chaired by Jean-Jacques Jaquier (EL ‘64). According to Article 2 of its Constitution, the Foundation provides grants to EPFL graduates who wish to deepen their knowledge in engineering and management, for example for:

  • young graduates to study abroad;
  • young graduates to expand their graduation project for an industrial application;
  • alumni to pursue postgraduate studies in Switzerland or abroad;
  • alumni to execute an industrial project in the context of a scientific development led by an institute at EPFL.


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