Applied Machine Learning Days

Applied Machine Learning Days

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Date 29 September au 02 December
Time 00:00 - 23:59
Place Online conference
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The Applied Machine Learning Days is the largest machine learning and artificial intelligence event in Europe. It focusses specifically on the application of Machine Learning and AI, making it particularly interesting both for industry and academia, thus creating a unique audience. For its fifth edition, AMLD 2021 will consist of a series of thematic conferences each month of 2021 featuring top-level speakers, discussions and keynotes. Some tracks will be preceded or followed by a workshop day focussed on ‘hand-on’ sessions, coding classes and tutorials.

The aim of the AMLD 2021 event series is to host the events physically when possible, allowing a restricted number of participants to attend each event from series in the best conditions. A hybrid solution will also be available for each events, allowing attendees to log in and follow tracks remotely.

The thematics that will be covered in 2021 are: Democracy, Renewable Energy Systems, Resilience in dynamic environments, Topology, Future of ML and its impact on people, society and the planet, Physics, Risk in Financial Institutions, Clinical Machine Learning, Online Business, Behavioral Data in response to crises, Food and Nutrition, Pharma and Cities.
Full list of tracks and agenda here.

The next sessions are on September 29th with a Workshop Day on site, and on September 30th for AI & Physics.

EPFL alumni contributors benefit from a 30% discount for the online access:
– CHF 104.30 for the full AMLD 2021 event series (13 tracks) instead of CHF 149.00

To benefit from it, you can become a contributor if that is not yet your status, and then write to to get the discount code.

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