(E-)Bike tour of Emmental for alumni and their families

(E-)Bike tour of Emmental for alumni and their families

Date & Time

Date 10 September
Time 08:15 - 17:30


The EPFL Alumni BE-FR-NE-JU and Eastern Switzerland chapters are happy to invite you to an (e-)bike tour of Emmental on Sunday 10 September 2017.

The tour will start in Burgdorf in the morning and will end in Langnau im Emmental in the afternoon. In addition to the exercise part, the tour will take us to visit the Gotthelf center (a museum dedicated to the very famous Bernese dialect writer) in Lützelflüh and the Kambly Experience in Trubschachen, where we will be able to taste some of the most famous Swiss biscuits. The total distance between Burgdorf and Langnau im Emmental is about 30 km and the trip is well suited for families.  

Participants can bring their own (e-)bikes. Alternatively, we have reserved a certain number of (e-)bikes that can be rented in Burgdorf and given back in Langnau im Emmental.

Detailed programm:

– Participants who need to rent a bike: Departure for Burgdorf at 08:30. Arrival in Olten at 09:00, train for Burgdorf at 09:06, arrival in Burgdorf at 09:37.
– Participants using their own bikes: Direct train to Burgdorf at 08:55 (IR 2360). Arrival in Burgdorf at 10:06.

Meeting at the main train station in Berne below the big indication screen. Departure for Burgdorf at 09:20 (S4 15431). Arrival in Burgdorf at 09:43.

After arrival in Burgdorf, collection of the (e-)bikes at the “rent-a-bike” station for those who will not come with their own bikes. Departure for Lützelflüh (approximately 9 km) and arrival in the Gotthelf center at 11:00.

Guided tour at the Gotthelf center in French and Swiss German.

Transfer to the restaurant in Lützelflüh and lunch.

Departure for Trubschachen (approximately 18 km) and arrival at the Kambly Experience at 15:30.

Coffee break at the Kambly Experience. Free tasting of around 100 different biscuit types manufactured by Kambly.

Departure for Langnau im Emmental (approximately 6 km) and return of the rented bikes.  

Open schedule for return travel. A possible connection to Zurich at 17:53, arrival in Zurich at 19:28 (with change in Berne, arrival in Berne at 18:26).



The participation fee is 60 CHF per person (50 CHF for contributing members). The fee includes the entrance and the guided tour in the Gotthelf center, the lunch (without drinks) and the coffee/tea at the Kambly Experience.

The transportation costs to Burgdorf and from Langnau im Emmental are NOT included and each participant should organise her/his transportation individually. Costs for the bike rental depend on the total number of participants, but the approximate price for renting an e-bike for the whole day will be CHF 55. The rental price for a “normal” bike will be around the half of this price.

Register for this exciting event before the 4th of September and take advantage of this opportunity to meet the other alumni of our two associations. A maximum number of 35 participants will be taken, and the registration will be organized on a first come first served basis. Partners, friends or children are also welcome; the priority will however be given to the members of the association and in particular to the contributing members.

It is possible to join only some part of the program. Please contact Tarik Kapić for more information.

For the chapter EPFL Alumni BE-FR-NE-JU.
Tarik Kapić, President
+41 76 516 56 26

For the chapter EPFL Alumni Eastern Switzerland.
Cédric Meichtry, President
+41 79 207 38 57

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