Startup Champions Seed Night

Startup Champions Seed Night

Date & Time

Date 11 April
Time 17:00 - 22:00
Place Rolex Learning Centre
Rolex Learning Centre
Event type Pas de Catégories




The Startup Champions Seed Night is an annual start-up presentation event & pitch competition bringing together the most promising entrepreneurs from EPFL and the rest of Switzerland, angel investors, mentors, industry leaders and local researchers and student for an audience of 250+ people. It will take place on Thursday, April 11th, 2019 (17:00-22:30) at the EPFL Forum Rolex.

17:00 Doors open for startups exhibition
18:30 Welcome words
19:00 Keynote, Steve Anavi, Co-founder & President, Qonto, EPFL Alumni MT’06 : “My Journey from Engineer to Entrepreneur”
19:15 Pitch competition
20:15 Keynote, Madiha Derouazi, Founder & CEO, AMAL Therapeutics, EPFL Alumni PhD CGC’05 : “Biotech, alone and over 37 million raised: story of AMAL Therapeutics”
20:30 Final with the four best startups
20:45 Closing words, buffet networking and startups exhibition

EPFL Alumni contributing members benefit from a special discount (for a ticket price of CHF 30.- instead of CHF 50.-). (Your contributor status will be carefully checked upon registration). More information about EPFL Alumni benefits

The event is free for EPFL students, PhD and postocs. Please mention the SCIPER number that matches your name to benefit from a free ticket below. Your number will be verified by the organizers.







Steve Anavi is the Co-founder and President of Qonto, the leading SME neobank in France, where he looks after technology, product, and operations. Prior to Qonto, he co-founded (acquired by a Fortune 500), led operations at Groupon and worked at Deloitte Consulting. He holds an MSc in MT from EPFL, and an MBA from INSEAD. On his free time, Steve mentors early-stage startups, and also loves hiking, taking photos, and traveling with his wife and kid..
Steve is an EPFL Alumnus MT’06.







Madiha Derouazi founded AMAL Therapeutics in 2012 as a spin-off from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. In the Laboratory of Tumour Immunology she designed and characterized the CPP-based multi-epitopic cancer vaccine that is currently being progressed by AMAL Therapeutics, and allowed her to raise over 37 million CHF.


The 10 venture leaders life science that will take part in the pitch competition will be announced on Monday, March 25th.


The 10 EPFL & Innovaud startups that will take part in the pitch competition are:


Briac Barthes, Cofounder & CEO


We developed a consumable based iron battery that aims at eradicating kerosene lamps use in developing countries, and that can charge a phone.


Gianpaolo Rando, CTO & Co-founder


SwissDeCode has the vision of building trust and securing the global food supply chain. Based near Lausanne, the company helps farmers and food manufacturers to grow and produce food that is safe to eat by delivering real time certification of authenticity, safety and quality of products, processes and premises.


Ian Rousseau, Co-founder& CEO


Vacuum pressure measurement is a key technology for quality assurance in electronics manufacturing.  Compared to the state-of-the-art, our vacuum gauge-on-a-chip promises lower cost, improved performance, and longer lifetime.


Sylvain  Dubey,  CTO

AgroSustain develops and brings to market natural plant-inspired solutions to stop and prevent further development of molds on agronomically important crops. AgroSustain’s product extends shelf-life of crops infected with broadly spread molds.

Sebastian Savidan, Management & Communication

At “Wake it” we help young people who want to wake up in a good mood by increasing their motivation and avoiding tediousness unlike other conventional and boring current alarms.




Bertrand Ndzana, Co-founder & CEO


Swiss Public IT is a Switzerland based high-tech company that reimagines the way telecommunication infrastructure, IT infrastructure, and value-added services are built and deployed.  Its solutions allow infrastructure to be built at a lower cost to enable the adoption of new technologies such as distributed ledgers and Internet-of-Things at scale.Building on connectivity, Swiss PIT will transform the agriculture sector by introducing an e-agriculture platform based on blockchain and IoT connected devices.


Ramzi Bouzerda, Co-founder & CEO


We provide utilities, businesses, communities and governing bodies with our full-stack solution to increase the efficiency of their water management processes by at least 20%.


Andrea  Tassistro, Co-founder & CEO

All in one operating system for the online F&B and hospitality industry.




Kumar   Abhishek, Co-founder & CEO

At Nanogence we develop synthetic tailor-made novel synthetic material in a B2B framework for application fields such as construction, pharmaceutical and mobility. As our first go-tomarket we chose the application in construction sector. The products are synthesized materials placed at the beginning of the value chain that improves the characteristics of the materials, while being cheaper and eco-friendlier than any comparable products if available in the market.


Dimitrios Terzis, Co-founder & CEO


MeduSoil delivers the world’s first bio-based carbon mineralization agents for ground stabilization solutions. The EPFL spin-off commercializes a liquid solution which reacts with the ground and stabilizes it to enable contractors build on solid foundations and protect infrastructures against major threats such as earthquakes, soil erosion and landslides. MeduSoil stores carbon in the subsurface in the form of mineral binders which improve ground strength by 30% and reduce current costs by 20% compared to the use of conventional, cement-based industrial fluids.


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