Startup Champions Seed Night 2022

Startup Champions Seed Night 2022

Date & Time

Date 05 May
Time 17:30 - 21:30
Place Forum Rolex (Rolex Learning Center)
Rolex Learning Center


EPFL Alumni, EPFL Vice Presidency for Innovation and Venturelab are thrilled to welcome you to the 11th edition of the Startup Champions Seed Night 2022. Designed to make you discover the most promising entrepreneurs from EPFL and beyond this event will feature a live pitch competition of 19 startups: in 90 seconds, they will show you how their technology is going to change the world! As usual you will get the opportunity to vote live for your favorite project and to network.

This year, the event will take place on May 5th, 2022 at the Forum Rolex Learning Center.


For the online participation, you can register here.


17:30 Doors open for startups exhibition
18:30 Welcome words
18:45 Pitch competition
19:15 Keynote, Jurgi Camblong, Co-Founder & CEO, SOPHiA GENETICS, EPFL alumnus EMBA’12
19:30 Pitch competition
20:00 Final with the four best startups
20:15 Keynote, Raquel Urtasun, Founder and CEO, Waabi, EPFL alumna PhD IN’06
20:25 Winner annoucement
20:30 Closing words, buffet networking and startups exhibition


The 19 startups that will take part in the pitch competition are:


Amalric Ortlieb, Co-founder and CTO

autonomyo enables neurological patients with walking disorders to walk again. We enable the continuous and intense walking training after clinical rehabilitation in a patient’s home. An exoskeleton robotic device and a digital training app allow for seamless continuity of rehabilitation training wherever a patient is.



Tom Bertrand, Co-founder

Bearmind is an EPFL spin-off helping sports teams control the number of hits athletes receive, thus mitigating the risk of brain injuries. We develop helmet-integrated sensors and algorithms to provide live concussion risk assessment and cognitive performance monitoring.



Florent Héroguel, Co-founder and COO

Bloom Biorenewables is at the forefront of the global transition to a circular bioeconomy. The company turns residue biomass into sustainable alternatives to petroleum for industries such as plastics, fragrances or fuels.



Babak Falsafi, CEO

CodeDepot launches Git AI, a technology to make development of AI native to Git, the most popular (over 88%) developer platform currently supporting only code. Git AI creates a single repository for AI with code, model and data all in one with the same native Git operations including a command line interface and a portal for visualization of the repository.



Guillaume Perben, Co-Founder and CEO

We are solving the problem of recycling composite materials used to build boats, wind turbine blades, etc. They are not recyclable, so they are land filled or incinerated. We designed a sustainable solution to recover the glass fibres, and with the EPFL we created a post treatment so we can reuse them to make new composites, closing the loop.



Mohsen Falahi, Founder and CEO

DAAV as an EPFL spin off is on the mission to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities and provide inclusion to simply enable users to have equal chance for enjoying their lives on the go. DAAV activities are in robotic transportation services for people with reduced mobility in indoor environments, with the focus on providing Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in airports.


Jules Courtois, Founder

Our mission is advancing sustainability in transportation and logistics. We are creating technological tools to reduce the usage of our planet’s limited resources, and create beneficial situations for all humans.


Franck Eric Tiambo, Co-Founder

Traceability of medical services provided to a patient who does not have access to care due to his financial conditions


Marie Didier, CEO

MATIS provides a solution for art experts to massively simplify the art authentication process. MATIS multispectral and machine learning driven technology reveal the real chemical and digital fingerprint of artworks, leading to a secure and quantifiable expertise, opening up endless possibility in the forgery detection market.


Pablo Garcia-Amorena, Co-Founder and CEO

3D printing for surgical planning has started to disrupt bone surgery by reducing surgery time, costs and risks. However, it is not yet widely adopted for clinical routine because it is complex, rigid and costly. As 3D printers become affordable and clinically regulated, there is a need for a simple solution processing medical images for downstream printing. We provide a software solution that allows clinicians to directly 3D print their model of interest from imaging scans, with no technical training and no additional learning curve. We greatly simplify the 3D printing process and integrate it in the hospital, with easier-to-adopt workflows than existing solutions. Our unique product serves as a bridge between existing medical imaging modalities and 3D printers.


Nicolas Vachicouras, Co-Founder and CEO

Neurosoft Bioelectronics develops soft and high-resolution implantable electrodes to record from or electrically stimulate the brain to monitor and treat patients suffering from severe neurological disorders, such as epilepsy and severe tinnitus.


Jean-Baptiste Beau, Founder and CEO

Oniri is an app helping people to remember, understand, and take control of their dreams. Through lucid dreams, we can help people to do everything they want in their dreams; this is an increasingly popular subject worldwide, with many proven benefits on health and well-being, and we believe that it will soon be even more popular than meditation. In addition, the process of dream analysis is increasingly used in therapies, as a way to understand oneself. We aim at making this process available to everyone. Oniri already has more than 200’000 downloads and 20’000 active users. This organic growth shows that dreams indeed have the potential to become the next health and wellness revolution.


Anand Verma, Founder and CEO

PEROVSKIA SOLAR is a Swiss cleantech startup that provides digitally printed customizable solar cells to OEMs. Our vision is to enable a solar cell on every device. The solar cells are tailored to seamlessly integrate into electronic devices, IoT & sensors. Our versatile technology offers breakthrough performance at disruptive costs. Perovskia solar cell operates efficiently even in low light conditions like homes & offices. We offer solutions from design to integration into electronic devices. We enable solar cells to be designed around products and not products around the solar cells. Perovskia is working with several market-leading companies in consumer electronics.


Masoud Talebi Amiri, Co-founder

Qaptis offers a new pathway for the transportation industry to reach net-zero emissions. This Swiss patented technology is a plug-in CO2 capture system that captures up to 90% of CO2 emissions from the exhaust of all internal combustion engine (trucks, ships etc.).



Andreas Burg, CTO

RAAAM is an EPFL and Bar-Ilan University (Israel) spin-off, commercializing the highest density on-chip embedded memory in standard CMOS. RAAAM’s memory technology provide up-to 50% reduced area compared to the highest density solution on the market without any power/performance penalties, and it is fully compatible with the standard CMOS fabrication process.



Rosendo Mañas Faura, COO

Resilio helps organisations to achieve a sustainable IT transition. Through our innovative platform, we assess the digital footprint and IT costs of companies in an accurate, easy, and scalable manner and implement strategies to reduce it. Our strong partnership with, the European experts in the field, enables us to complement our software with consulting and training services.


Amir Rezaie, Founder and CEO

SwissInspect provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for digital twinning of infrastructure and buildings for various B2B sectors. Our clients can upload their image data on our online digital twin platform and we analyze them to create a geometric digital twin of the asset, detect various structural defects and create numerical physics-based models to predict the physical state of the asset, which serves as information for scenario-based maintenance intervention planning. More importantly, because we encode all information within a digital twin, the time history of an asset’s health can be retrieved to accurately forecast the asset’s remaining lifetime.


Tristan Vouga, Co-Founder

TWIICE develops walking-assistance exoskeletons to improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from mobility impairments due to Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, or Multiple Sclerosis. Our exoskeletons are unique in their ability to adapt to different morphologies and pathologies.


Lara Gervaise, Co-Founder

Virtuosis aims to enhance team collaboration and well-being at work. Our AI analyses the voice during video calls to provide feedback on mood and communication skills.






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