Recruit EPFL Alumni


How can you easily recruit EPF graduates?

EPFL Alumni, in collaboration with ETH Zurich, has designed a tailor-made service to reach a specific pool of EPF graduates and advertise your positions efficiently.

Through this campaign, you will fulfill your sourcing needs and use the fast-track approach to contact the EPF Alumni that your company is most interested in.

We make a selection based on your company’s needs: training, industry, location, language etc. We then present your job offer(s) to this pool of graduates.

The campaign offers multiple benefits:

  • 55’000 contacts among our EPFL and ETH Zurich alumni database => a large EPF graduates population
  • only valuable candidates matching your expectations  => efficiency: less time spent processing applications
  • hidden talents currently in position and not just alumni currently looking for a job => bigger pool of candidates
  • direct contact through an active email address => proactive promotion of your job offers (not just job-board scrolling)
  • job offer circulation among our alumni network => viral communication between graduates
  • promotion of your brand and company => increased visibility among the EPF community
  • no competition with other companies for similar job offers = > 4 weeks of exclusivity are guaranteed for you

For more information and a quote for your campaign, contact our career services manager.


A few employer testimonies :

« Thanks to the campaign, we had the opportunity to promote our job offer directly to the specific EPFL Alumni community we were targeting. We quickly received and shortlisted an excellent application and it appeared to be the best one for the position. »
Cisco Systems, Rolle

« We are very happy with the efficient service and support provided by EPFL Alumni in our search for a Trader Assistant. Thanks to this recruitment campaign, we found the ideal candidate very quickly. Congratulations to the whole EPFL Alumni department. »
Saras Trading SA, Geneva

« Profiles we are looking for are rare, specific, and we have difficulties in reaching candidates with experience. The campaign allowed us to reach Civil Engineering EPFL Alumni graduated from 1990 to 2011. This action was an opportunity to highlight our activities and job openings, bringing inetrested people to our website. As a result, we are currently in talks with an excellent candidate. We warmly thank Mr De Leymarie, who offered a professional, quick and friendly service. »
CSD Ingénieurs SA, Fribourg

« Our group called on EPFL Alumni for its Technical Director recruitment, a strategic position for our activities and development. The Targeted EPFL Talent Acquisition Campaign resulted in ten applications and four relevant candidates matching our expectations. We are very satisfied with this new service that brought us so many EPFL applications. »
Devillard, Geneva





Contact :
+41 (0)21 693 30 02