Sponsor Events & Programs


EPFL Alumni offers you many opportunities to increase your visibility and position your company & brand in specific areas aligned with your own strategy.

How can you make a difference in communicating through events & programs?



  • Flagship conference:
  • Tailor-made event:
    • Create a tailor-made event with inspiring content and speakers on a topic of your choice and raise interest of a targeted audience.
    • You can invite customers, employees, EPFL alumni and EPFL community. We coordinate content, communication and logistic aspects.
  • Company presentation:
    • Present your company and showcase your expertise by opening up your doors to potential customers, partners, candidates, investors or enthusiasts.
    • We set up an attraction targeted campaign within a selection of alumni and advertise the event, which is hosted at your facility or at the EPFL campus.



Become the official partner of one of our flagship programs and benefit from premium visibility throughout the related events and communication for one entire year.

  • Women program:
    • Promote women professional development and careers in the field of science and technology.
    • The program includes the International Women’s Day and 4-6 events per year, such as female students-alumnae career meetings, workshops and conferences.
  • Startups & innovation program:
    • Promote entrepreneurship and innovation.10 events per year aiming at promoting entrepreneurship by engaging alumni to mentor or invest in EPFL startups.
    • The program includes a mentoring program for startups, the Startup Champions Seed Night and 4-6 events per year, such as startups founders-investors meetings, workshops and conferences.
  • Talent development program:
    • Support students and young graduates in developing their career path.
    • The program includes a mentoring program for futures graduates with Forum EPFL (including kick off and closing events) and 10-12 events per year, such as students-alumni meetings, career workshops for EPFL alumni.

Email : career.alumni@epfl.ch
Phone: +41 (0)21 693 96 76