Mentoring program for startups


This page is dedicated to the Startup Mentoring program.
EPFL Alumni also runs a Career Mentoring program that can be found 

EPFL Alumni brings together a unique network of 40’000 graduates around the world. They work in a variety of sectors and functions as well as seasoned entrepreneurs or investors. Many dedicate their time and know-how to support EPFL startups by volunteering as mentors.

What is it?

Our mentoring program aims at providing early stage EPFL startups, whether they are founded within the School or by its graduates, with advice and feedback of volunteering entrepreneurs, investors or industry experts.

Many valuable aspects of entrepreneurship are covered from refining the value proposition, strategy or business plan, to getting useful feedbacks on product, IP, go-to market, team, fundraising and investment. Since inception, more than 50 young entrepreneurs have benefitted from the expertise of our mentors.

How does it work?

You can apply to this mentoring program as a mentor or a mentee at any time. Our team will get in touch to better understand the needs and state of development of the startup on the one hand, and the expertise and motivation of mentors on the other hand.

Based on the startup needs, a search for mentors will be conducted. The selected ones will be contacted and if they accept to mentor the startup, we will proceed to the mutual introduction. Mentors/mentees usually meet 6 to 10 times a year but frequency, length and content can be agreed upon on a case by case basis.

Please note that the matching depends on startup needs and number of projects available and it may take few months.

Join as a Mentor
Are you willing to contribute to the development of a startup, to support the local innovation ecosystem and to stay connected to EPFL? You can join if you are either:

  • An EPFL graduate with previous entrepreneurial experience
  • An EPFL graduate with industry or function expertise (marketing, finance, IP, operations…)

If you are interested, please register on our online form for Mentor.

Join as a Startup “Mentee”
Do you want to benefit from relevant advice, expertise and connections from experienced EPFL graduates who will challenge your vision and help you improve your soft skills? You can join if you are either:

  • An EPFL entrepreneur who is launching a venture
  • An EPFL student in your Bachelor (from their 4th semester), Master or PhD curriculum
  • An EPFL academic staff (Postdoc, Professor…)
  • An EPFL Alumni contributor and an entrepreneur

Interested in our mentoring program for your startup? Please register on our online form for Mentee.

If you have any question regarding our startup mentoring program please contact us at