Mentoring program for startups


This page is dedicated to mentoring program for startups and EPFL entrepreneurs.
Other pages are dedicated to mentoring program for EPFL young talents and Forum EPFL Alumni mentoring program master.


What is it?
The mentoring program is designed to allocate 3 mentors to an EPFL entrepreneur working on a startup project. Once the matching is made, the entrepreneur meets his/her mentors between 6 to 10 times a year on average. Since inception, more than 50 entrepreneurs have benefitted from the expertise of our pool of selected mentors in order to serenely approach the human and technical challenges of starting up a new venture.

For whom?
We are constantly looking for new mentors with solid experience and expertise in an innovation-driven industry, first-hand entrepreneurship experience or specific skills helpful to grow a startup (legal affairs, sales, marketing,…). The program allows you to share your experience and your network, to contribute to the development of an entrepreneur, to nurture young talents, to support the local innovation ecosytem and to stay connected to EPFL.

Are you an EPFL entrepreneur looking for mentoring ? The program allows you to benefit from relevant advice, expertise and connections from 3 senior Alumni or friends of EPFL, to challenge your vision and decisions with external viewpoints and to improve the soft skills needed to grow your business (presentation skills, investor communication, human ressource management, interpersonal skills).

All year long

How do I register?
If you are interested in joining as a mentor, or if you are an EPFL entrepreneur looking for mentoring, please contact us at

“When I jumped into the startup world right after my PhD at EPFL, I was a well-trained scientist with very little business experience. I very soon found myself in situations where I simply “didn’t know” – my EPFL Alumni mentors have helped me structure and sequence my actions to identify and avoid crucial early mistakes. They have given me savvy and trusted guidance through important challenges on my way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.”
– Sylke Hoehnel, CEO/Co-Founder, Sun bioscience.

« As an industry executive (Nestlé & General Mills), I very much enjoy mentoring startups at EPFL. While sharing my business skills and experience with high potential entrepreneurs, I also learn a lot from their fresh, creative and passionate approach to starting-up their venture. It is a very rewarding experience at the heart of one of the most vibrant innovation ecosytems in Europe. »
John Wanvig, EPFL Alumni mentor.


Some startups that joined the programme in the past: