Students & young graduates


You are an EPFL student? Whether you just begun your studies or recently earned your Bachelor or Master degree, the Alumni community can already have value for you.


Current EPFL students

If you are questioning the course you should chose, you can get some help from someone working already. We have a mentoring program for you. This is a great opportunity to get in touch with an Alumni working in the field, company, or country you are targeting.

We organize on a regular basis Students-Alumni evenings per EPFL program. This is another great opportunity to ask questions and discover the career of Alumni who graduated from the same program you will.  You can check our agenda or contact us to organize an evening in your program.


Holder of an EPFL Bachelor

You earned your EPFL Bachelor, therefore you are now part of the school graduates and will receive our newsletters and emailings on a regular basis. It will provide you with news and updates about what life looks like once you are working as an EPFL Alumnus, and you will be able to meet former students though the exclusive events you will be able to attend.

We will give you a lifetime email address, that you can use on your resume, in publications, and wherever you think your status as an EPFL  graduate can be useful. To learn more about this lifetime email address.

As a graduate from EPFL, you also have access to the EPFL alumni directory, where you can find people who have studied the same courses as you and work in companies you’re interested in. An easy way to help your chances to find a cool internship or your first job. Simply log in by using your lifetime email address to request a new password, then update your information, and browse 32’000+ graduates database.


Holder of an EPFL Master or PhD

Beside the email adress, emailings, and directory access mentionned above (see “holder of an EPFL Bachelor”), your EPFL Master’s or PhD degree now gives you access to a variety of new benefits you can enjoy by becoming an EPFL Alumni contributor.

You can also benefit from a range of discounts on EPFL services, accommodation, car rental, computer equipment and press.

If you are questioning your work life, our Career Services are available to support you all along your career. And if you are an entrepreneur, we created a Startup mentoring program for you.

Discover the full list of EPFL Alumni benefits here!


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