Summer gathering in Shanghai


Located on the estuary of Yangtze River, Chongming Island is the third largest island in China under administration of Shanghai municipality. It was an insulated island with mainland Shanghai but now we can have direct access to this island by an Yangtze River tunnel and a Yangtze River bridge built in 2009. Characterized as a green island, we can enjoy this visit to this island by discovering full of such as National Forest Park, Migratory Bird Protection Area, Wetland protection area, Mingzhu lake etc with at same time full of possibilities of local foods and local cultures.

EPFL Alumni Shanghai 2015 Summer gathering was focused on Discovering Chongming Island by bicycle in the West part of this island crossing Wetland protection area and Mingzhu lake. At same time of enjoying the beautiful nature of Chongming Island, we enhanced especially the mutual contact and knowledge of between all participants.