Synchronisation with Linkedin


This tool has been created in order to edit your profile data in a much easier way. It is made for everyone, especially Alumni who never edited their EPFL Alumni profile before.

Description of the process

EPFL Alumni has implemented a new functionality that allows you to update your profile data in a more efficient way: through the synchronisation from your LinkedIn profile data to your EPFL Alumni profile data. This process must be initiated manually on your side, by clicking on the blue button “Update my profile from LinkedIn”, located on the right side of the web page displaying your profile. An authentication to LinkedIn will then be required. Then the synchronisation process will take place between your LinkedIn profile and your EPFL Alumni profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What data will be copied from my LinkedIn profile to my EPFL Alumni profile?

The following data will be copied:

  • – your photo,
  • – URL of your public LinkedIn profile,
  • – your current professional position(s), including your company name, its field of activity, your job position, and the date when you joined the company.

The other data will not be synchronized LinkedIn does not allow import of other data.

  1. Will the data (included in the synchronisation process) that I have already in my EPFL Alumni profile be overwrittten?

Yes, profile picture, LinkedIn URL and current job as well as employer will be overwritten. The other fields will not be affected.

  1. Can I select a subset of the data that I wish to synchronise from LinkedIn to EPFL Alumni?

No, the process in place will gather all the data as described before (picture, LinkedIn URL and current job/employer). It is not possible for you to select the data you wish to synchronise or not.

  1. Can I edit my EPFL Alumni profile data (including the data concerned by the process) after the synchronisation process?

Yes, you can manually edit and fine-tune all the data you want in your EPFL Alumni profile, after a synchronisation with LinkedIn.

  1. Once I have activated the synchronisation process, will all the changes that I make on my LinkedIn profile be automatically transmitted to my EPFL Alumni profile?

No, this is a one-shot process. LinkedIn does not allow permanent synching. If you want to update your EPFL Alumni profile with fresh data coming from your LinkedIn profile, you will need to rerun the synchronisation process.

  1. Will the data of my EPFL Alumni profile be transmitted to LinkedIn?

No, this is a one-way synchronisation process, from LinkedIn to EPFL Alumni. We care about the privacy of our alumnis’ data.

  1. Why would I synchronise my profiles when only a small part of the data is transmitted by LinkedIn?

Your current position is very useful to us, so we can provide the school with statistics and offer you activities in line with your field of activity. It also allows other Alumni to know what you’re up to.

  1. My professional profile is already up-to-date on my EPFL Alumni profile. Should I still synchronize with LinkedIn?

No, in this case, you shouldn’t since the information you have provided is probably more accurate and might be overwritten with LinkedIn data. Thanks for keeping your profile up-to-date, it helps us a lot!