The Alumni 50th – welcome, visits and afternoon activities


On the afternoon of November 9th, 2019, after the welcome at the Forum Rolex learning Center and the return to their sections, and  as part of the Alumni 50th, alumni got an opportunity to join three kind of activities: exhibitions and animations, “villages” gathering startups, associations and innovation projects, and food corners.

The Rolex Learning Center was the hub for startup exhibitions and pitches, the association village, and MAKE projects. Alumni also discovered the exhibition “50 years of EPFL thesis” and a shop was set up for EPFL goodies. The ArtLab building and its exhibitions – Infinity Room II and the Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab – welcomed our alumni for some amazing discoveries at the crossroads of art and science.

Last but not least, approximately 100 alumni took part in the treasure hunt organized by AGEPoly and Satellite opened its doors for a homecoming in style!

Photos © Florent Daburon, Clara Beaubis, Murielle Gerber and Philippe Mourelle.