The inaugural day: the students meet the alumni


This is the first year that students have been able to look into their foreseeable future. Several alumni shared with them their diverse experiences on the opportunities that might become available should they decide not to pursue an academic path.

Guests included Bertrand Cardis, who graduated in 1981 and is now the head of Decision SA. His company specializes in new materials and collaborates, among others, with Solar Impulse. There were also young alumni, such as Mark Kornfilt, cofounder of LiveStream, leader in live video, Deborah Heintze, freshly graduated two years ago and already co-founder of Lunaphore, the first start-up to receive the PERL prize for its unique method of detecting antigens. Another former student, Pascal Uffer, became a consultant at McKinsey & Company . In five years, he has already traveled the world and worked for about fifteen companies worldwide.

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