Tokyo chapter


CommitteeOlivier Rumley (ME’01, President)



Dear fellow Alumni, Konnichiha,

You may have been in Japan for one day or one decade, it doesn’t matter.

When we gather, it’s first about friendship. Building new bonds or nurturing them in relaxed atmosphere, with a smile on the face, a beverage in the hand, and so much shared culture and educational background to get the conversation started. Depending on the dynamics of the evening, the discussion can take us to a short debate about the local economy, business stories, careers, families, hobbies, exchanging tips on schools, etc. Often leading to unexpected connections^^

I invite you to expand our connections, and share a privileged moment among us a few times in the year.
Please contact me as soon as you can regarding your registration or modifications to the mailing list of the Alumni in Japan (indicate your region and city for new entries).
Looking forward to seeing you again or making your acquaintance!

Olivier Rumley