Unique events with EPFL Alumni


Your benefits as an EPFL Alumni contributor:

  • a 30% discount on every event
  • priority access compared to non-contributors

The active involvement of our chapters around the world means that you are always in range of an EPFL Alumni event, wherever EPFL maintains a presence, on all continents. Dinners,  conferences, seminars, informal outings, visits to companies and organizations, mentoring and networking events, training and cultural events : EPFL Alumni organizes special events throughout the year, and also relays information on those of partner organizations.

At the request of a number of Alumni,  we are introducing this year several exclusive events allowing you to go behind the scenes of EPFL’s most prestigious labs in Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Sion and Geneva. These one-off visits are not to be missed! Discover cutting-edge research that is a talking point all over the world. Contributors are on a priority guest list for these occasions.

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