Women Club


Committee: Aurore Amaudruz (SC’08), Marie Didier (PhD MT’18), Laurence Läser (SV’10), Emma Lejal Glaude (SC’19), Agnes Simon (BSc GM’93)


Dear alumnae,

This club aims to be a platform for exchanges and promotion of the careers of women engineers and architects from EPFL. More specifically, it aims to fulfil three objectives:

  • To network and exchange our experiences in order to nurture mutual support;
  • To make alumnae ambassadors for EPFL and to promote the careers of women in science, within the School and beyond;
  • To inspire female EPFL students with careers and advice from alumnae for their career start.

Events with specific contents, informal meetings, mentoring program… Our activities will take various forms. Do not hesitate to join us or to contact us to exchange ideas.

We look forward to meeting you soon.